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Love Yourself Healthy Micro Retreat

Discover the secrets inside who you really are by combining Science and Intuition like we have never seen before.

Sunday 2nd February 2020
9am – 3pm
Meadowbrook Golf Club
$79 All inclusive.

What is Micro Retreat

At this One day Micro Retreat, Award Winning Wellness Leader, Hayley Wilson will take you through the beginnings of truly understanding who YOU are and what YOUR needs are as an individual.

With everything you need for the day provided all you need to do is put your faith in yourself and the guidance of Hayley to unpack the deep knowledge of true self, health, awareness and identity that is energetically expressed and represented in your physical form.

Hayley Wilson is the only regitered practitioner in Australia endorsed to combine her knowledge of Personalised Health PH360 and Emotional Anatomy.

Immerse yourself in an inspired day of personal understanding and self nurturing tucked quietly away from the normal busy weekend routine, focused only on yourself and embracing the beauty of every perfect imperfection that makes you YOU.

Explore how your physical form is an expression of your emotions and a representation of your subconscious self.

This experience in the only one of its kind, a complete fusion of Eastern Medicine and Western Science allowing for the deepest insights into your physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional and environmental needs aligning every element of health holistically for you in a progression as unique to you as your DNA.

Strictly limited to 10 spaces

During the day you will be invited to enjoy LOVE YOURSELF HEALTHY Retreat catering for morning tea and lunch.

Intertwined with our learning there will be soulful guided meditations, a sunshine supercharge session and many moments to connect with your deeper power. My greatest wish is that you will leave this Retreat with a deeply connected sense of self compassion and alignment of your physical form and spiritual self. Consciously and Subconsciously united in purpose to LOVE YOURSELF HEALTHY.

For the morning session we will begin to understand where your uniqueness stems from.
You will learn how Biotypes and Ayurvedic Dosha’s tell us far more about our bodies then simply how to eat and exercise, from hormonal influence to your Genius and how your Genetics (your DNA) does not define you, it is the Expression of your Gene’s (your Epi-genetics) that shape who you are.

In the afternoon we will start to explore Emotional Anatomy, looking at your Lower Base Chakra, the flow of energy and emotional connection to your physical form and finishing off with a powerful Masculine Feminine face split reading where you will be able to see yourself as you have never seen yourself before!


You MUST arrive by 9.00 am.

Please wear only minimal make up as make up will detract from our ability to read the energetic flow in your face and limit your opportunity to truly see the beauty we all see when we look at you.

Dress comfortably as we will be mostly sitting with intermittent movement breaks. Shorts or loose-fitting pants will make our lower base Chakra reading after lunch easier and more fulfilling as we will be able to see and feel the energy of this Chakra. Ideally we would like to be able to see to just above the knees.

Upon arrival you will have a quick photo taken to be used in a face split masculine/feminine energy reading later in the day.

There will be time to get comfortable and mingle as the photo’s are taken before the session starts at 9.30am.

Eager to get the most out of this Micro Retreat and More?

There will be an offer available for all attendee’s on the day to work personally with Hayley using precise techniques and discover your Phenotype, your own personalised holistic health compass. If you would like to learn more about this offer and begin the Micro Retreat one step closer to LOVING YOURSELF HEALTHY and achieving a deeper understanding on the day contact Hayley to arrange a Pre-Retreat Chat.

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