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Love Yourself Healthy Retreat Find Yourself, Know Yourself, Love Yourself Healthy

Discover the secrets inside who YOU really are and how YOU can Love Yourself Healthy by combining Science and Intuition to unveil and understand the missing link between your Soul Body connection. 


At this 4 day Retreat, Award Winning Wellness Leader, Hayley Wilson will take you on a journey of fusing Eastern Medicine and Western Science allowing for the deepest insights into your physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional and environmental needs aligning every element of health holistically for you in a progression as unique to you as your DNA while you explore and unravel your subconscious beliefs and create emotional shifts that allow for new growth and transformation.  

Immerse yourself in an inspired long weekend of personal understanding and self-nurturing tucked quietly away from the normal busy weekend routine, focused only on yourself and embracing the beauty of every perfect imperfection that makes you YOU.

Explore how your physical form is an expression of your emotions and a representation of your subconscious self!


What is included

This is an all-inclusive Retreat, so not only will you be staying on a beautiful property in peaceful and quiet surroundings you will also have all your meals catered for fuelling not only your body, but your mind and soul with wholesome clean meals full of life and vitality.

  • Love Yourself Healthy gift
  • Love Yourself Healthy Retreat Workbook.
  • Soul Connection workshops, body movement gatherings
  • Workouts for you to do at home,
  • Quiet reflection mediations and plenty of free time for you to fill (or not fill) with whatever you feel your mind body and soul need

Retreat Package

Retreat Ticket $1,180pp - Early Bird $880pp

Retreat Sistas $1,133pp - Early Bird Sistas $833pp 

Retreat VIP $1,480pp - Early Bird VIP $1,180pp

Retreat Sistas VIP $1,411pp - Early Bird VIP Sistas $1,111pp

Early Bird prices are available until Midnight Tuesday 31st December 2019. Payment Plans available

All retreat attendees will receive FREE access to the Love Yourself Healthy 90 Day online Program so that you can continue to nurture and support the growth changes that occur during the retreat.

Unrestricted access to the property and pool *Optional Access to Sauna and Massages

Retreat Giveaway

This giveaway has been designed for you to nominate either yourself or a friend who has had to overcome a domestically abusive situation.
This bed had originally been gifted to a lady who has recently managed to move herself and her children out of an abusive household after 3 years of trying to escape. As she is not able to make it due to her extenuating circumstances I would like to gift this bed to another woman who has had to go through a similar challenge.

There are people who can help you with Legal services, finances, housing and counselling... I don't know though if there is someone who will take you by the hand and offer you a safe harbour, to say "You are safe, you are loved, you can break on me and I will help you pull the pieces of yourself back together again." That is what I hope to give this weekend.
To enter the Giveaway please go to

Hayley's Achievements & Credentials

  • Business Distinction Award Winner 2018 - Medical and Health Services
  • Business Distinction Award Finalist 2019
  • Award for Excellence - Health Exercise and Lifestyle Professionals
  • Endorsed PH360 Health Coach
  • Certified Emotional Anatomy Consultant
  • Certified Wellness Coach
  • Certified Practitioner of NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis
  • NXT LVL Practitioner Facilitator Levels I, II & III
  • Volunteer Committee Member and MC for Logan City Women in Business
  • Holistic Health coach – 96Five Radio
  • Author of soon to be released book Dancing with Courage

*Hayley is the only practitioner in Australia endorsed to practice both PH360 and Emotional Anatomy together



Hayley has always been an incredibly passionate individual who is genuinely looking for people to have and find their best self. She is focused and driven on providing the best tools and techniques to ensure that people can find happiness within their own skin. After working with Hayley across a number of projects it’s clear that what she does she does at the highest standard with the individual who she is looking after always in the front of her mind, with Hayley you will be well looked after.

Dr Cam McDonald (PhD)
CEO PH360 Australia
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP)
Accredited Dietitian/Nutritionist (APD-AN)


High Spirits Retreat is a purpose build venue with 3 main buildings lovingly nestled on the large and spacious High Spirits property in the Noosa Hinterland.

The main house which houses the kitchen and dining area, the Temple Hall which is a spacious multipurpose room allowing for fabulous workshop and group sessions while allowing each individual plenty of space to relax and absorb the healing environment surrounding the building.

The accommodation hall houses 6 rooms, Single Bed Quad share. Each room opens up to the pool deck and is wonderfully spacious allowing the guests to have their own space within the room and their own wardrobe. An ensuite is attached to each of the rooms for the comfort of the guests. 

Rooming arrangements will be made once final payments have been processed, depending on final ticket sales you may be housed 2, 3 or 4 to a room. We will ensure the Retreat Sistas will be roomed together. 

What do you get as a VIP?

  • VIP Exclusive Dinner with Hayley
  • VIP Coaching Session with Hayley
  • VIP Gift Bag
  • VIP First Release LYH Book
  • VIP Accommodation
  • VIP Exclusive Sauna Access