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Tired of looking for happiness in a dress size?
Discover how to

Hi, I'm Hayley Wilson

Stop swinging on the Fit – Fat pendulum. Flip the lid on the old “Weightloss Rules”. Love Yourself Healthy is about teaching women how to honour themselves by combining 3 key elements


to enhance vitality in Body, Mind and Nutrition.

Starving yourself skinny and flogging yourself fit doesn’t work! Hayley Wilson has broken down the old models and ideas for physical health and has discovered the key to wellbeing lies in enabling you to find flow in Loving Yourself Healthy everyday.

No more jumping from A-Z! Using systemised self love sequences to lifestyle fulfilment, 100’s of women have ditched the diets and quick fix approach and are experiencing life changing success through the Love Yourself Healthy Workshops, Retreats and 90 Day Online Program.

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The Love Yourself Healthy program is about working within the laws of YOUR lifestyle. Whether you prefer face to face, complete immersion or 90 days of systemised growth, there is a program that is just for you!

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Personalised Health

Personalised Health

Connect with Hayley and discover the foundation techniques to stepping into you Love Yourself Healthy Journey.

Workshops and Retreats

Workshops and Retreats

Immerse yourself in a Sanctuary of Self love. Participate in Purposeful Mind, Body and Soul Empowerment.

Online Program

Online Program

90 Days to Loving Yourself Healthy! Systemised self love sequences and lifestyle fulfilment techniques embracing our 3 Key elements FORM | FOCUS | FUEL


Success Stories




Happy Clients

believe… That the body or life of your dreams has nothing to do with lying on the beach in a bikini in Mexico!

Your “Dream body” should be one that is strong and capable, that is able to move without pain, open a jar without help, have the energy to play with kids or help with homework in the evenings, go on a hike or to yoga with friends without fear that your physical ability will hold you back.


Well it’s pretty simple, I had just spent 6 months doing what I thought would bring me happiness….

I lost 30kg’s of body fat. I was sure Happiness would be in that dress size!!

But unfortunately, what I discovered at the bottom of 30kg’s, was a weak and damaged body from starving myself skinny and flogging myself fit.

Suddenly I found myself in a far worse position than I had been in when I was carrying the extra weight. Happiness and confidence was still a concept I could barely bring myself to wish for.


So, I threw myself into education, turned the "weightloss rules" on their head and developed a way for women to create their own vision of HAPPY HEALTH - HAPPY HOME (home being your physical self) using my 3 key elements FORM | FOCUS | FUEL

3 Key Elements

Purposeful power sequences combing meaningful muscle recruitment, alignment and guided movement.

Marrying self love with self compassion and intention with gratitude by embracing your purpose and passion.

Exploring our life source by learning to eat with loving intention and experiencing vitality through simple nutritional techniques.


Why is Hayley Wilson the perfect person to create this system for you?

Hayley specialises in helping women get their confidence, fitness, happiness and identity back again without the guilt. Helping women re-create their health by using a holistic approach to emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Hayley has helped over 200 women step away from the scales, step into self love and align their bodies with their own light, spirit and inner warrior!


Success Stories What my clients say

Did something just hit that spot? You know the one!

That spot where you feel the occasional niggle of “I need to look at that” but you keep ignoring it?

Let that Niggle speak to you now!

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