Astarea is an international life coach, personal trainer and nutritionist whose passion is to inspire women’s health, fitness and wellbeing.

Join with her in an interactive workshop on how to “love yourself healthy”

If you are a woman who wants to:

  • Feel more confident
  • Improve self esteem
  • Bring more happiness into your life
  • Become more accepting and loving of your body
  • Be able to manage stress more effectively
  • Develop a healthy vision for your life
  • Bring more peace, relaxation and mindfulness into your life

Then take your first step today towards changing your life and loving yourself healthy!

Astarea will be exploring and guiding you through the following topics

  • Setting your Intention and Vision for a Healthy Future
  • Exploring how Change and Stress impacts your life
  • Exploring your Belief System and if it Supports or Sabotages you
  • Bringing more Awareness and Mindfulness into your life
  • Living from the Inside Out Concept
  • Letting go of Self Judgment and Bringing in Self-Love and Nurture
  • Love Yourself Healthy Keys to Success for Sustaining a Healthy Life

The Love Yourself Healthy workshop is an interactive and experiential workshop designed to encourage and inspire you to live the life of your dreams. Astarea will gently guide you through a series of exercises that will bring awareness to where you are in your life right now, where you want to be and what is preventing you from your reaching your goals. She will teach you new strategies and techniques that will inspire you to integrate these practices into your life so you can start your journey towards “loving yourself healthy.”

If you are committed to your Health and Wellbeing and want to make 2017 your year, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Remember it only takes one step towards changing your life. Take that step today!

Contact Astarea for Dates and Further Details of the Love Yourself  Healthy Workshops.