“Astraea Rae was a steady calm and peaceful coach on assisting me to be conscious and aware of my own self and the power and strength that we all have within us. She is a very loving guide. I am aware that we are all part of a whole. I am aware that I truly love myself and know that I am my best friend. I say a heartfelt thank you Astarea for with your help. I made some of my greatest strides toward a happy life! If a chance comes along that we can work together again I would in a flash. You are blessed with the gift.” Namaste, Jeannie

“I would highly recommend Astarea’s Self Development Workshops to every single person who has ever wanted to change their quality of life. It is a great step towards greater self-awareness and a life changing journey. Before I did the course I was just living through the emotions of life not 100% happy and I didn’t know myself, who I was or where I wanted to be. My head felt like a whirlpool of thoughts that I couldn’t control. The workshop has provided me with awareness and direction to create a richer more meaningful life and the tools to be able to work through every day thoughts, feelings and emotions. The workshop has totally changed my life. I now know who I am and where I want to be. I have an inner calmness and peace with myself and a connection to my inner self, someone I was unaware of before. I have a sense of clarity which is very soothing compared to all the fogginess that was in my head prior. It has opened doors to so much I never thought possible. I now have a richer, happier and more meaningful life. I am so thankful and grateful to Astarea for the workshop. Astarea is a great Life Coach who you can tell truly cares. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be in the loving happy place I am today.” Thank you, Diane

“Astarea is honest, she won’t tell you what you want to hear but what is realistic to achieve and then help you work out a plan to achieve those goals. She is realistic. If you have injuries she won’t ignore them, she will help and teach you to rehabilitate them through guided exercises and stretches. Astarea is not in this for the money, she has a genuine care for people.” Tamsyn Minehan

“Astarea never gives up on you even if you stray for a bit. I don’t know if I can quote this but Astarea actually gives a S**T about how you are going and how you are feeling. She works you to the best of your ability and more.” Leanne Farrugia

“Astarea is supportive not only as a trainer but as a friend. She is on a more personal level with everyone. She understands that we are all different and knows all of our strengths and weaknesses. Her own life experiences enables her to help others.” Tricia Young