Love Yourself Healthy Program

 Find Health and Wellbeing with Mindset and

Life Coaching from the Inside Out

Discover how a healthy mindset, the right nutrition and tailored

exercise can lead to a happier and healthier you.


Every morning is the same. You stumble out of bed, wander out to the jug and flip the switch.

You’ve lost the energy to make each day different. The excitement you had when you first started your job has disappeared.  The only thing you have now is the growing knot in the pit of your stomach, reminding you there’s something missing.

You’re in a rut and life is passing you by. You know you want more. You know you should be looking after yourself a little better, but you just don’t know what to do next.

You want to enjoy life and live it to the max! You want to rediscover your fire and start ticking off some of those almost-forgotten goals…


…Except when you look in the mirror you see the dark rings beneath your eyes.

You see the extra weight around your middle.

You’re picky about the food you eat and you try to eat healthy,  but you cave and sneak in that chocolate.

You know you need to get moving,  but each time you start your exercise routine, it fails to stick and you give up. Again and again.

This year you were going to get it right!

So… what happened?

Guilt. Fear. Self-sabotage. Self-judgment. It’s okay . You’ll get through it. You’ll revisit your goals and figure it out. Right?


I’ve been there.

There have been many times in my life I’ve felt broken. My family life was not all it should have been. I endured the pain of physical and sexual abuse.

At 16, to try and regain my sense of control and self-worth, I developed Anorexia Nervosa. Over the years that followed, this devastating disease ate away at my soul and my willingness to live. The power I thought I’d gained was an illusion.

I was angry and I directed that anger at anyone trying to help.

I wanted to feel strong.

But I just felt empty.

Then I found an amazing counsellor. A woman who helped me begin  my journey towards self-love and healing. It was rough, but I was beginning to see things in a new light. And then,  I was in a car accident. A car accident that stilled me. An accident that set things in motion and reinforced in me that life was worth living. So I began my journey again.

It hasn’t been easy. Loving myself has been my toughest lesson in life. But I did it from the inside out and you can too.

Learn more about my journey here


You’re capable, fearless and important.

You and I have both been through a lot. We’ve both tried to take the wheel and steer the journey towards health and happiness. We’ve both had to swerve and slam our foot on the brake  (more than once),  and even then, we still hit those potholes in the road.

I learned the hard way that your healing journey will fail, unless you start with you.

By turning your focus inwards (and giving yourself permission to), you can begin to break through the hurt and ‘Love Yourself Healthy’.

And if I can find the strength to love myself,  so can you.


Don’t think you can do it?  


You might not realise it, but you’re incredibly strong.

When your daughter comes to you with tears in her eyes after someone has hurt her, you’re there for her.

When your husband is struggling with an insensitive client, you’re there to help him set boundaries and look after himself.

When your boss needs help with an overdue project and he asks for your help, you give him the extra time over and over again.

When your best friend needs a second opinion on how to handle her teenage son,  you’re the support she needs to find the strength to give him some tough love.


You’re a pillar of strength for them. It’s time to be the pillar of strength for yourself.

You’ve been playing it safe. It’s time to focus on your own health and wellbeing.

Deep down you know you want more , but taking the risk on yourself feels too hard.

Deep down you know you’re afraid. It’s easier to hide behind fear and play it safe.

Deep down you know what you want to achieve. It’s self-doubt that’s stopping you.

Deep down you know your balance is out, but you don’t know how to pull yourself out of that rut.

Deep down you want to be a healthier version of yourself, but your lack of  self-worth is sabotaging you.


I know how capable, courageous and beautiful you are. Together we can get you past these blocks so you can live the life your heart desires and be the best you there is. Together we can start the journey towards better health and fitness. You can find your strength.

Your answers aren’t out there. They’re inside you.


How does the ‘Loving Yourself Healthy’ program work?

As a Holistic Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist my mission is to enable you to transform your life through self-love and empower you with real facts, not fad-diet tips and body-hating workouts.

This holistic coaching program is designed to improve your health and wellbeing by:

  • Teaching you that you’re worthy of love and acceptance, to give you a strong foundation that you can build upon, to become your happiest and healthiest self.
  • Teaching you that exercise is not about hating your body, but a form of nurturing, and encouraging you to see that any effort at all is better than no effort.
  • Arming you with real facts about nutrition (and no calorie counting!) so you can make food choices that complement your exercise program and begin to see results!


How the health and wellbeing coaching has changed the lives of others

“Astraea Rae was a steady calm and peaceful coach on assisting me to be conscious and aware of my own self and the power and strength that we all have within us. She is a very loving guide. I am aware that we are all part of a whole. I am aware that I truly love myself and know that I am my best friend. I say a heartfelt thank you Astarea for with your help. I made some of my greatest strides toward a happy life! If a chance comes along that we can work together again I would in a flash. You are blessed with the gift.” Namaste, Jeannie


The 3 Commandments to Success in Loving Yourself Healthy

The Love Yourself Healthy program concentrates on foundations built up from three key areas:

  1. Mindset and Life Coaching that addresses your core beliefs and how they sabotage and hold you back.
  2. Wholefoods and Nutrition that supports your body, fuelling it in the right way to complement your exercise program.
  3. Personal Training and Exercise that is tailored to you so that you can target problem areas and build fitness in a way that feels comfortable, and gets results.

The health and wellbeing coaching will support you to love yourself in a real, honest, no-holds-barred, let’s-do-this  way. You’ll laugh, you might even cry , but whatever happens, you’ll have me by your side. You’ll find a way to get long term, sustainable resultson your terms.

There’s no magic pill, or secret diet or formula that is going to do that. It’s time to invest in yourself.


Can you afford not to do that?

What we’ll cover together in this holistic program

The program is broken into 5 blocks. Each block runs for 10 weeks and consists of 6 weekly modules followed by 4 weeks of coaching to help you implement what you’ve learned. Each module builds upon the last. You can purchase a  block at a time, or complete the whole program from start to finish.

Block 1

Laying Your  Foundation of Self Love

In this first block we’ll explore:

  • Your intentions (and why they’re  important)
  • Your ‘self’ (who you are as a person)
  • Your core beliefs and whether  they’re supporting or sabotaging you
  • Your relationship with change and how this impacts you.
  • Grounding, inner peace and  how you can build upon these with
  • 6 keys to success

Block 2

Creating Your Vision of Health and Wellbeing

In this block we’ll establish:

  • Where you are in life right now
  • Where you want to be (your vision)
  • What’s stopping you and how you can overcome these barriers
  • The differences between goals and intentions
  • And we’ll explore and share your vision.

Block 3

Nutrition and Nurturing Your Body

In this block we’ll:

  • Identify healthy ways to nurture and nourish your body
  • Understand nutrition and wholefoods
  • Understanding how exercise can help you live a healthy lifestyle
  • A look  at relaxation techniques for relieving tension and stress  (it’s not all work, see?)
  • Delve into your relationship with your body and self-image
  • Identify ways to love, nurture and nourish your body

Block 4

Loving Yourself Healthy

In this block we’ll:

  • Explore ways of Loving Yourself Healthy
  • Delve into the benefits of grounding, relaxation and meditation
  • Look at how to love your ‘whole ’ and find self-acceptance
  • Share how you can live a healthy and purposeful life
  • Explore living from the inside out  in every facet of your life
  • Find out how to go about creating a supportive network for you when things get tough.

Block 5

Integration of the Program

In this block we’ll:

  • Explore successful ways to integrate the Love Yourself Healthy principles in your life
  • Let go of self-judgment and learn how to cope with your inner critic
  • Honour your story and your journey
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Develop a Love Yourself Healthy Vision
  • Create a Love Yourself Healthy Action Plan

I’m beside you  . I guarantee it. In fact, if you don’t see any value from this course within the first 30 days, I’ll refund your money.


My experience sets me apart from the rest

I appreciate how hard this journey can sound. You want to be happy, but you aren’t sure you can do it. The support this program offers comes from my personal and professional experience, which means you can feel confident that I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk. Alongside you. Every single day. I’ve been a:

  • Life Coach for 10 years ;
  • A Teacher then Lead Facilitator for the Diploma in Life Coaching for 5 years;
  • A Therapeutic Social Worker for 12 years;
  • An international Motivation Speaker in Australia, New Zealand and the United States;
  • A Nutritionist for 3 years and;
  • A Personal Trainer for 8 years.


Love Yourself Healthy doesn’t just focus on weight loss. So, is it for you?

This holistic health and wellbeing program is for you if you are serious about making positive changes in your life, your health and your happiness. It’s for you if you’re ready to get real. It’s for you if you’re ready to forgive yourself, to move forward and be the best you can be.

How would it feel to show up every day knowing you’re living your life the way you want to?

How would it feel to be who you want to be, without the fear of judgment from others and yourself?

How would it feel to move past your self-doubt and closer to your dreams of being happier and healthier than you’ve ever been?

How would your life change if you learned how to love and accept yourself again?

What would your health be like if you could stop that cycle of self-sabotage?

How would it feel to build momentum and keep it so you can finally see some results?

How would your friends and family feel if they saw how happy and healthy you had become?


How the program has changed the lives of others

“I would highly recommend Astarea’s Self Development Workshops to every single person who has ever wanted to change their quality of life. It is a great step towards greater self-awareness and a life changing journey. Before I did the course I was just living through the emotions of life not 100% happy and I didn’t know myself, who I was or where I wanted to be. My head felt like a whirlpool of thoughts that I couldn’t control. The workshop has provided me with awareness and direction to create a richer more meaningful life and the tools to be able to work through every day thoughts, feelings and emotions. The workshop has totally changed my life. I now know who I am and where I want to be. I have an inner calmness and peace with myself and a connection to my inner self, someone I was unaware of before. I have a sense of clarity which is very soothing compared to all the fogginess that was in my head prior. It has opened doors to so much I never thought possible. I now have a richer, happier and more meaningful life. I am so thankful and grateful to Astarea for the workshop. Astarea is a great Life Coach who you can tell truly cares. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be in the loving happy place I am today. Thank you.”  Diane


My Inside Out Legacy

This mindset, health and wellbeing program is more than just about your health and your happiness. It’s bigger than that. Because when one woman finds a way to be the best she can be, it inspires other women to do the same. I have witnessed and seen so much pain in my life. Yet within that pain, within that vulnerability and letting go, there is so much love and beauty that exists.

This program is so much more than a quick fix and a magic pill. It is a torch that we can continue to pass on from mother to daughter, sister to sister, friend to friend . It is the beginning of a tradition of women who look after themselves for the right reasons and not because an airbrushed magazine image makes us feel like less of a human.

Love Yourself Healthy is a little girl’s dream. A little girl’s dream that one day she would find meaning helping others heal their own hurts and find an authentic place where they can feel truly happy. A place that is free from layers of stress, self-sabotage, judgement and a place they can let go to be free.

It’s not going to be an easy journey and not one that many will take, but for those that are daring  enough I’m holding out my hand for you, so we can walk together and change your life.

Who’s brave enough to make a healthy change in their life?

Contact me now to find your best you.

If you don’t get any value within 30 days, I’ll refund your money and you can walk away, no questions asked