Love Yourself Healthy 6 Week Challenge

Why I Can Help You Love Yourself Healthy

Loving yourself healthy is a journey, a process that requires daily practice and awareness. It’s about being mindful of your body, thoughts, and emotions. It’s not for the faint-hearted. It will require both commitment and dedication, but I promise you, the results will be rewarding.

I would love to tell you this journey is easy. I mean, it should be, right? Why would loving yourself be so hard? We wake up in the morning, say a few nice things about ourselves and away we go right? How nice would it be if this were true? For sure, some days are like this but throw in a screaming child, angry boss, traffic jam, a negative comment and those nice thoughts that started your morning are now cries of despair, anger or rage. You are suddenly consumed by thoughts like what if I did that differently, I’m not good enough, what will everyone think of me now, I’m so stupid, no one ever listens to me, life is so hard, I hate myself, the list goes on…

I was trapped in this struggle of negative thoughts for years. I thought id just shove them under the carpet, push them away, ignore them, deny them, you name it, I did it. Something needed to change. I needed to change.

It was from this point that I adopted the concept of “love yourself healthy.” This became my very own personal mantra I used daily towards my journey of health, happiness, and wellbeing.

It’s been a long and windy road. I’ve hit some potholes, run out of gas, had a breakdown and even come close to driving myself off a cliff. Right about now you’re probably thinking why the hell would anyone want to take this journey? I get it. We would all rather travel on a smooth road in a pimped-up ride with all the comforts and nice scenery, right?

The good news is, along the way I learned some things. We hear stories about pioneers paving the way for future explorers. Making the journey easier for those who follow in their path. Whilst I don’t consider myself a pioneer, the concept fits. On my crazy ride, I met some amazing people who became my allies in my journey towards finding myself. They walked alongside me, guiding me, teaching me and supporting me all the way. I learned some amazing things, gained some insight and clarity into what this journey has meant and more importantly collected some tools to help others walk the same path.  As my allies have walked beside me, I now want to walk beside you, teaching you and showing you what I have learned.

My intention is to share my knowledge, tools, and insights. To walk alongside you on your journey towards better health, fitness, and well-being. My goal is to provide you with a road-map and guidelines on how to love yourself healthy.  I’ll be by your side, supporting you all the way.


Before starting your journey, we will map out;


  • Where you are at right now. Your life in its present state

  • Where you would like to be. Your goals and dreams

  • What might stop you from achieving your Identifying your potholes and barriers

  • Together, creating a Love Yourself Healthy Action Plan


This will be your step by step guide that will enable you to reach your desired outcomes

Now, if you’re anything like I was you might be thinking why can’t I just jump in the car, put my foot on the pedal and figure it out along the way? Firstly, let me applaud your spontaneity and enthusiasm. I am, or I should say, was the very the same way. The problem is, how many times have you thought let’s go on a road trip. You jump in the car, no plan, no idea on where you’re going or what the roads are like. You get so far and start to wonder, oh, where am going? I don’t know what road to take next? Where will I end up? What if I run out of petrol? You slow the car down, hit the break, do a U-turn (sometimes illegal) and head back home. How many of you have set out like this before, chasing a dream or a goal, only to end back up where we started?

This is where a road map and action plan can be beneficial. With a mapped-out route, clear intention on where you’re going, and a toolbox filled with self-care strategies, not to mention a trusty ally, you will be well prepared for achieving your goals!


You are probably wondering what this Love Yourself Healthy Challenge is all about?

Let me first start by saying this is not a weight loss programme. While it has an exercise and nutrition component to it, and many have many lost weight during this 6 weeks, this is not my focus.

I have worked with a multitude of people who struggle to achieve their health and fitness goals e.g. weight loss, healthy eating, balanced lifestyle etc. I have witnessed many people lacking confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, suffering from anxiety, depression, mental illness or in general, feeling stressed in their daily lives.

I have encountered many people who want to bring more self-love, care and nurture in their lives. They want to feel happy, confident and less stressed.

In an attempt to achieve this they say if only I could lose weight, if only I could eat better, then I would feel more confident, worthy, loved….

How many of you can relate to this? We desperately try and change our outer world (or appearance) so we can have a more peaceful dialect within ourselves.


“Love Yourself Healthy is about Loving Yourself from the Inside Out”


My focus is more on Mindset and learning strategies towards self-love and self-care. I believe that by bringing these principles into your daily life, the rest will follow, and often more effectively than before. Think of our beings as a car. For your car to function properly and even drive in a straight line, everything needs to be aligned yes? If your wheels are misaligned, you steer off course. Our beings work the same way. From a holistic point of view, our mind, body, and spirit need to be aligned for our goals and intentions to be reached. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight because you want to feel confident, say 10kg, but inwardly you think you are undeserving and unworthy, how do you think you are going to reach your goal? Most likely it will be self-sabotaged in one way or another. Yet, if you work on loving yourself, and you begin to feel like you are deserving and worthy, you are less likely to sabotage your own efforts, thus leading to more effective results.


Who is this challenge for?

  • If you are someone who has tried every diet plan and struggled to see results

  • Tried every exercise programme

  • Tried to bring balance into your life only to find yourself faltering

  • Struggled to de-stress or bring more self-love into your life

  • Battled with depression, anxiety or mental health issues

  • Putting everyone else first before you

  • Tired of the negative thought patterns that play out in your mind

  • Feel overworked and have no time for self-care

  • Hell, even if you are none of the above and just want to scream to the world I LOVE MYSELF


This this 6-week challenge is for you. You will;

  • Learn how to incorporate exercise into your daily life

  • Learn mindfulness strategies to help unwind and de-stress

  • Learn relaxation techniques

  • Learn whole foods recipes for optimum health and nutrition

  • Learn how to bring self-love, care and nurture into your daily life

  • And, learn much more…

What you will get on this challenge

Access to a private Face Book Group for ongoing coaching, support and encouragement including daily posts and interactions

Motivation and support from group members

Mindfulness PDF file featuring activities for bringing more mindfulness into your daily life including relaxation and grounding techniques

Exercise PDF file featuring body weight workouts (Designed for beginner to medium intensity)

Goal setting and self love templates to complete during the challenge

1 Week Meal Plan

Recipe PDF file including healthy treats such as nice cream, healthy chocolate, health mousse and much more

Starts Monday 1st October

Investment Cost $10 A Week (Total $60)

Special: Join with a friend and pay only $50 Each 

To join email me at text or private message me on my facebook page (link below)

Like my facebook page to see updates, posts and videos


What people are saying about this challenge?

“The Love Yourself Healthy Challenge has allowed me to restart my healthy living and reconnect with myself and my goals. Astraea’s holistic approach incorporating mind, body, and nutrition enabled me to work on finding a new balance in my life, reflect on what is working for me and what isn’t, and plan for my next steps. Astarea is amazingly supportive and always available if you get stuck or need someone to share ideas with. I can’t recommend this challenge enough as it has been a great stepping stone to achieving a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Thank you Love Yourself Healthy!” Emma Brackstone, Australia

“Ive never met a more caring and genuine person. In every interaction I’ve had with Astarea, I’ve felt listened to and cared for. I’ve seen the time and effort she puts into her client relationships while also being open and honest aobut her own struggles. I’ve always felt like I’m in safe hands. Her knowledge, experience and integrity make me really feel valued. Thank you Astarea. Ali Strachan, Australia

“Astarea was a steady, calm and peaceful coach on assisting me to become more conscious and aware of my own self and the power and strength that we all have within us. She is a very loving guide. I am aware that we are all part of a whole. I am aware that I truly love myself and know that I am my best friend. I say a heartfelt thank you Astarea. With your help, I made some of my greatest strides forward towards a happier life. If a chance comes along that we can work together again I would in a flash. You are a blessed gift.” Jeannie Still Patrick, San Francico


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