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Forget dieting, fast track weight loss programs, reducing your calories and limiting food groups. If you have tried these methods you will know they don’t work, are self-defeating and hard to maintain.

Love Yourself Healthy offers you a unique and holistic program that will guarantee you results.

Astarea has combined her 12 years of experience as a Life Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer to bring to you a program with proven success.

  • Imagine if you could “Love” Yourself Healthy
  • Imagine if you never had to count calories or limit your food intake again
  • Imagine if you could train at home, in your own time by an expert trainer
  • Imagine if you could feel happy and confident every single day
  • Imagine if stress was no longer a problem within your life
  • Imagine if you reached your results and lived the life of your dreams

The great news is you no longer have to imagine.

If you are here I’ll assume it is because you have tried everything else and nothing has worked. You may be looking for a different approach, a solution to your problem or a program that is actually going to get you results.

You have come to the right place. Love Yourself Healthy has tested and trialled their program with great success.

Why have I not succeeded on other programs?

Most other programs focus on Fitness and Nutrition only. This is great and can get short term results but people often find this hard to maintain and end up putting the weight back on once the program has finished. This is because an important part of the equation has been left out; Mind-Set.

Love Yourself Healthy believes the relationship you have with yourself will determine your results.

  • If your relationship you have with yourself is healthy, your outcomes and life will be healthy
  • If your relationship is based on negativity, stress, self-judgement etc. your health and results will suffer

It sounds simple, and really it should be but loving ourselves can be one of our hardest journeys in life.

Love Yourself Healthy will guide you through 3 key areas towards achieving your results

  1. Self-Love & Nurture
  2. Wholefoods Nutrition
  3. Personal Training & Fitness

Without “Mind-Set” and the foundation of Self-Love and Nurture you will be destined to repeat the same cycle over and over again without getting or maintaining results.

By joining Love Yourself Healthy you will break through your cycle, see great results and learn how to Love Yourself Healthy.

To learn more about the Love Yourself Healthy Program please click here to find out more information.

To read a little about me and my journey and what lead me towards my path of loving myself healthy please read here.

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